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JP Parmley, a 5 star rated photographer and artist, has served hundreds of clients in his portrait and wedding business. He has now launched his fine art collection that highlights breathtaking images of landscapes, waterfalls, sunrises / sunsets and much more.

Having traveled all over the U.S., you will experience a wide diversity of feelings and emotions that each of his images portray. His storytelling will put you on-location of the shoot so you can be there during the exposure. 

As an educator of photography, his online audience spans over 80 countries.  Many of his images have been featured on the covers of publications and for the use in advertisement / marketing campaigns.  JP is the grandson of Penny Parmley.

Penny Parmley Oil Painting

Penny Parmley, 1918 - 1984 was born as Alma Mae Wallace. As a young child she had rheumatic fever which damaged a heart valve.  She was the 8th person in the U.S. to have open heart surgery at the Cleveland Clinic. 

She was an elementary teacher and and avid painter. 


Many of her paintings appeared in art shows and galleries.  Today, some of her paintings hang in the JP Parmley Fine Art / Photography by Parmley studio.  Others have been distributed to family and friends.  The original paintings are not for sale, but digitally remastered canvas copies are available.